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Pickle Masala - Mango Achar Masala - 250g

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🔥🥒 Unleash the Flavor Fiesta with Spice Platter Pickle Masala! 🌶️✨

Dive into the streets of India with every bite! Our authentic blend of spices will teleport your taste buds straight to the heart of North Indian culinary perfection!

💥 Versatile? You bet! Whether it's mango, lime, or mixed veggie pickles, our masala is your secret weapon to pickle paradise. Plus, it's the flavor bomb your chutneys, marinades, and curries have been craving!

Easy-peasy, pickle squeezy! No fuss, no muss – just mix, marinate, and let the magic happen. Perfect pickles await with our convenient packaging!

🌟 Only the best for you! We handpick premium, quality ingredients sourced from top-notch suppliers to ensure your pickle experience is nothing short of sensational.

🌿 Health kick without the compromise! Packed with natural goodness like Fenugreek, Nigella seeds, Turmeric, and more, our masala boasts Ayurvedic benefits that'll have you feeling as good as it tastes!

👉 Don't just settle for any pickle – elevate your culinary game with Spice Platter Pickle Masala. Your taste buds will thank you later! 🎉🥒


Customer Reviews

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I had trie...

I had tried plain moongbadi from Spice Platter. I liked it, so then I bought Masala moongbadi too. This is also a nice product. Pure and fresh , it has hing and zing of red chilli. Can be consumed as snacks by dry roasting it.

My mom use...

My mom used to make badiya at home. But, I found this badi different from what she made. I ordered it. The addition of red chilli n the badiya has made it so delicious. Now, we regularly order it from Spice Platter.

Two things...

Two things I like about Spice Platter moongbadi is its shape and freshness. It takes just a steam for this moongbadi to cook and it is possible just coz of its freshness. I have ordered more!


Pickle Masala - Mango Achar Masala - 250g
250g - Rs. 100.00
  • 250g - Rs. 100.00

Pickle Masala - Mango Achar Masala - 250g

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