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Chana Lehsun Papad - Special Saji Handmade Papad - 400g

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Add a 'Masaledar' taste to every bite in Rajasthani style. Mildly spicy with black pepper and tinge of hing is definitely a delight on your taste buds.

  • Super addictive, disc-shaped, thin crunchy papad
  • Premium range of papad are made in Rajasthan, the land of papad origin.
  • With zero artificial flavours, we use plant obtained salt - SAJJI to brings out the authentic taste.
  • Gluten-free, high- fibre, protein rich and low on calories

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A thin & flat crispy & crunchy, sun-dried disc-shaped Indian Snack? Yes, it’s Papad!

Papad in India is not just a food, it's an emotion, a ritual and a culture. There was a time when summers were full of activities in every Indian household. Among which the most memorable was the enthusiasm in making Papad and Badis. How papad making brought extended families together and the roof of houses used to have charpoys filled with crispy papad drying on them.

Get Nostalgic - I cherish the memory of helping my Grandma and mom in drying papad, eating papad Loya, gossiping about neighbour’s children and laughing! Good times  The taste of crispy papad made by grandma still lingers on in my heart. Our sole objective is to take our customers back to their childhood and experience the same taste of papad that still lingers in their hearts.

India's Deasi Snack - Papad is a light crunchy Indian Snack that is not just a food but a culture in itself. Even the plainest of meals can be made interesting with that crunchy bite of spicy papad. Irrespective of what is cooked for the meal, papad is an essential component of every Indian meal.

Authentic traditional taste - We at Spice Platter, bring to you the legendary Rajasthani papad, infused with the right crispiness and flavour that makes every meal delicious and fulfilling. Prepared from quality ingredients and special blends of spices with a recipe that has been handed down over generations providing a Royal feeling in every bite.

Plant obtained Salt - Sajji - Spice Platter carefully prepares a thin, crisp, disc-shaped papad made from pulses along with a tinge of black pepper and Saji Salt. With zero artificial flavours, no use of chemicals and soda, 100% natural and healthy ingredients brings out the authentic taste and keeps the health quotient intact.

Hand-rolled by skilled hands - It is hand-made papad rolled with help of oil. Increasing the degree of autonomy and self-worth in the communities, we employ women who are skilled in rolling papad. Papads are served as an appetizer, an accompaniment to a meal or as a snack with toppings of chopped vegetables and green chutney. Crispy papad to accompany your meals, brought to your home straight from the land of papads, Rajasthan.


Flavour: Chana Lehsun, Strong Spicy. 

Weight: 400gms.

Ideal Use : Indian cooking

Delivery time: 3 days


Customer Reviews

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girjesh poddar
tasty and crunchy

tasty and crunchy

Kusum Sharma

Papad are perfect taste 😋and size. I ordered second time and very much happy and satisfied with products. I will continue ordering. 😄

Prakash Bairad

Adorable test

Shikha Mathur

This one is also very tasty. This one tastes something like we make besan papadi during Diwali.




Chana Lehsun Papad - Special Saji Handmade Papad - 400g
400g - Rs. 180.00
  • 400g - Rs. 180.00

Chana Lehsun Papad - Special Saji Handmade Papad - 400g

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