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Black Mustard (Kali Rai)

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Spice Platter Rai / Black Mustar- Clean & Moisture free small grains from Rajasthan. Spice Platter Rai, being small and dry, pops quickly in medium heated oil. It is an essential ingredient in the Indian kitchen teamed with cumin seeds, turmeric powder, asafoetida, etc., commonly used to temper south and north Indian foods. The warm flavor of Brown Mustard is greatly treasured in curry, chutney, Sāmbhar, poha, and rasam. It is also used to prepare salad dressing along with vinegar or olive oil. Packed with health benefits, this flavorsome spice is certain to add zest to your palate whilst soothing your system.

Weight: 200gms, 500gms, 1Kg.

Ideal Use : Indian cooking

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Black Mustard (Kali Rai)
200g - Rs. 47.00
  • 200g - Rs. 47.00
  • 500g - Rs. 105.00

Black Mustard (Kali Rai)

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