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Amchur Slice (Dried Mango Slice)


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Spice Platter Amchur Slice / Dry Raw Mango: is dried form of raw mangoes. Its color varies from pale yellow to brownish; it adds pleasant tanginess to any dish. Freshness of amchur can be judged by its color. A freshly dried amchur would-be pale-yellow color and it turns brownish with time. Aamchur is the best masala to sprinkle on the fruit desserts and raitas. Used to flavor various soups, vegetable dishes, curries, kebabs, tandoori chicken, dry meat, and fish, tenderize meat, barbecue and grilled recipes. Turn any dish to mouthwatering dish just by flavoring it with dry mango powder.

Weight: 100gms, 200gms.

Ideal Use : Indian cooking

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Amchur Slice (Dried Mango Slice)
100g - Rs. 65.00
  • 100g - Rs. 65.00
  • 200g - Rs. 127.00

Amchur Slice (Dried Mango Slice)

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