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Masala Moongbadi - (Rajasthani Badiya) -400g

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Spice Platter Masala Moongbadi: As the name goes, Moong-badi is made from moong dal and is popularly known as badiya in Rajasthan. Crunchy lentil flavour used to prepare the traditional and classic Rajasthani dishes such as Aloo Badiya ( Aloo Mangodi) Ki Sabji or Methi Mangodi. Moong dal is very tasty, nutritious and easy to digest and is rich in protein. Mungodi is a wonderful variation of moong dal and can be had with roti / parantha / rice. It can be prepared with many green vegetables like aloo badi, matar badi, papad mangodi, palak mangodi, mangodi pulav, mangodi kadhi and many more.

Special Masala Moongbadi is aromatic hing moong dal badi with a zing of red chilli powder and mld salt.

Weight: 400gms.

Ideal Use : Indian cooking

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Masala Moongbadi - (Rajasthani Badiya) -400g

Masala Moongbadi - (Rajasthani Badiya) -400g

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