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Rajasthani Sangri - Dried Desert Beans

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Spice Platter Sangri: Ker-sangri is a dish that embodies the history of thar desert, and captures the resourcefulness of the people who call the desert their home. Spice Platter presents dried sangri which is manually pricked pods of the famous khejri tree .It has a earthy aroma to it when cooked. what makes these dried ingredients special is that they are treated with tremendous care and love.Sangari is plucked, dried and stored for use round the year. Spice Platter sangri are handpicked very thin beans, packed in hygienic conditions in food grade packets. Ker- Sangari is one of the most mouthwatering delicacies. Ker Sangari originated on the arid land of Rajasthan and evolved as a vegetable dish that is now a must on every Marwari wedding. Check Out Spice Platter Ready to Cook Ker-Sangri for Easy to Cook Ker-Sangri Mix.




Rajasthani Sangri - Dried Desert Beans
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Rajasthani Sangri - Dried Desert Beans

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